SUE FOLEY 「Texas Pink Paisley/Young Girl Blues」

スー・フォーリー 「テキサス・ピンク・ペイズリー」 SUE FOLEY 「Young Girl Blues」
<PCD-1853> <TMG-ANT 0019>

 1.Queen Bee(James Moore)PCD-1853
 2.Chauffeur Blues(E.Lawler)
 3.Cuban Getaway(Ike Turner)
 4.Mean Old Train(Otis Hicks)
 5.Gone Blind(Sue Foley)
 6.Walkin' Home(Sue Foley and Robert Grant)
 7.But I Forgive You(Hudson Whittaker)
 8.Off The Hook(Earl Hooker)
 9.Little Mixed Up
10.Hooked On Love(Earl Hooker)
11.Time To Travel(Sue Foley)

Produced by Derek O'Brien and George Rains

SUE FOLEY 「Without A Warning」

スー・フォーリー 「ウィズアウト・ア・ウォーニング」

 1.Come Into My Arms(Magic Sam)
 2.Ruby Duby Du(Charles Wolcott, Donny Skylar)
 3.Open Up Your Eyes(Sue Foley)
 4.Give Me Time(Magic Sam)
 5.Hooker Thing(Sue Foley)
 6.Sad Sad City(Jerry Wes, Leslie Johnson)
 7.Truckin' Little Woman(Sue Foley)
 8.Sue's Boogaloo(Sue Foley)
 9.Cry For Me(Melvin London)
10.Live Together(Sue Foley)
11.Without A Warning(Sue Foley)
12.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is(Sue Foley)
13.Annie's Driftin' Heart(Sue Foley)

Produced by Derek O'Brien

SUE FOLEY 「Big City Blues」

スー・フォーリー 「ビッグ・シティ・ブルース」

 1.Big City Blues(Sue Foley)
 2.Howlin' For My Darlin'(Chester Burnett & Willie Dixon)
 3.To Be Alone With You(Bob Dylan)
 4.One Hundred Dollar Bill(Buddy Guy)
 5.Ain't Gonna Worry No More(W.Hancock&D.Espandol)
 6.This Time(Sue Foley)
 7.As Long As I Have You(Willie Dixon)
 8.Highway Bound(Sue Foley)
 9.If You Gotta Go(Bob Dylan)
10.My Baby's Sweeter(Willie Dixon)
11.Girl's Night Out(Sue Foley)
12.Positively 4th Street(Bob Dylan)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by T.S.Bruton

SUE FOLEY 「Walk In The Sun」

SUE FOLEY 「Walk In The Sun」

 1.Try To Understand
 2.Give It To Me
 3.Walk In The Sun
 4.The Snake
 5.Wayward Girl
 6.The Wind
 7.Lover's Call
 9.Train To Memphis
10.Love Sick Child
11.Long Distance Lover

All songs by Sue Foley
except 4, 6 by Sue Foley Band(S.Forley, J.Penner, W.Walden)
Produced by Stephen Bruton

SUE FOLEY 「Ten Days In November」

SUE FOLEY 「Ten Days In November」

 2.Baltimore Skyline
 3.Long Way To Go
 4.The Waiting Game
 5.Give My Love To You
 6.She Don't Belong To You
 7.Through The Night
 8.Winds Of Change
 9.The Forest
10.Promised Land
11.New Roads

All songs written by Sue Foley
Produced by Joe Ferry & Sue Foley

SUE FOLEY 「Back To The Blues」

SUE FOLEY 「Back To The Blues」

 1.Lightnin' Boogie(S.Foley)
 2.Come On(Copyright Controlled)
 3.Positively 4th Street(B.Dylan)
 4.If You Think I've Lost You(J.West)
 5.I Feel So Good(S.Foley)
 7.Me & My Chauffeur Blues(E.Lawler)
 8.Come Play With Me(S.Foley)
 9.Can't Afford To Do It(J.Williamson)
10.Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor(Trad., arranged S.Foley)
11.Guitar Rumba(E.Hooker)
12.The Leading Brand(E.Hooker)
13.Gone Blind(S.Foley)

Produced by Derek O'Brien
except 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 12 Produced by Derek O'Brien and George Rains

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