SUGAR MINOTT 「Sugar & Spice」

シュガー・マイノット 「シュガー・アンド・スパイス」

 1.Herbsman Hustling
 2.Herbman Hustling Dub
 3.Devil's Pickney
 4.Ain't Nobody Move Me
 5.Don't Know Why I Love You
 6.Rub A Dub Sound
 7.Rub A Dub Dub
 8.Save Your Love For Me
 9.Love Of Jah
10.Love Of Jah DUb

Produced by Sly Dunber & Robbie Shakespeare

SUGAR MINOTT 「African Soldier」

SUGAR MINOTT 「African Soldier」

 2.In A Time Like This
 3.Chant Them Down
 4.Africa Is Calling
 5.Easy Come Easy Go
 6.Play Me Nah Play Me
 7.Jah Work To Do
 8.African Soldier
10.Apartheid(That Nuh Right)

All selections written by Sugar Minott
Produced and arranged by Lincoln "Sugar" Minott

SUGAR MINOTT 「Rock And Soul」

シュガー・マイノット 「ロック・アンド・ソウル」

 1.God Bless The Child
 2.Tell Them A Ready
 3.Stiff Neck Possie
 4.Cross The Border
 5.Go On Girl
 6.We're In This Love Together
 7.Is This Really True Love
 8.Baby Love
 9.She Don't Love Me Again
10.Love Train

Produced by Sugar Minott and Lloyd Barnes


 1.Don God Father
 2.Musical Murderer
 3.The Hit Man
 4.Can't Touch The Style
 5.Bad Boy
 6.Good Love
 7.Don Lover Man
 8.Meet Me At The Corner
10.Pick Up The Pieces

All songs written by Lincoln Minott
except 10
Produced and Arranged by Lincoln Sugar Minott

SUGAR MINOTT 「This Is Sugar Minott」

シュガー・マイノット 「ディス・イズ・シュガー・マイノット」

 1.Brother Together
 2.Reggae MTV
 4.Who Feels It
 5.Vision Of Zion
 6.All Depends
 7.Hot Or Cold
 8.Never Give Up
 9.Into My World
10.Children Of The World

All songs written by Lincoln Minott
Produced by Lincoln Sugar Minott



 1.Run Things
 2.Still Waiting
 3.Take Good Care
 4.I'm Depending On You
 5.Jah Jah Lead Us
 6.Don't Burn Your Bridges
 7.Heart Of Stone
10.My Love Is True
11.The Girl She's Gone

Produced by Fatis & Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott

SUGAR MINOTT 「Breaking Free」

SUGAR MINOTT 「Breaking Free」

 1.Heads Of Conference
 2.Gun Gang
 3.Leave Them To Jah
 4.Jah Love Is Everlasting
 5.Total Injustice
 6.Break Free
 7.Come Again
 8.Sprinter Stayer
 9.Nah Bow
10.Dancehall Fever

All songs written by Lincoln Minott
Produced and Arranged by Tappa Zukie

SUGAR MINOTT 「Leave Out A Babylon」

 1.Easy Mr Bush
 2.Rastaman Chant
 3.Why Worry
 4.Jah Give His Love To Me
 5.Practice What U Preach
 6.Peaceful Valley
 7.Jah Us With Us
 8.Where Is The Love
 9.African Herbsman
10.Virtuous Woman, Spiritual Man
11.Leave Out A Babylon
12.Got To Find The Dub
13.Peaceful Dub
14.Virtuous Dub

Produced by Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott
Recorded, Voice, Engineered by Jaspar, Hugh and Manjul

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