SUPERSUCKERS 「The Smoke Of Hell」

SUPERSUCKERS 「The Smoke Of Hell」

 1.Coattail Rider
 3.I Say Fuck
 4.Alone And Stinking
 6.Tasty Greens
 7.Hell City, Hell
 8.Hot Rod Rally
 9.Drink And Complain
10.Mighty Joe Young
11.Ron's Got The Cocaine
12.Sweet 'N' Sour Jesus
13.Retarded Bill
14.Thinkin' 'Bout Revenge

Produced by Jack Endino

SUPERSUCKERS 「La Mano Cornuda」

スーパーサッカーズ 「ラ・マノ・コヌーダ〜アリゾナ・ロングホーン」

 1.Creepy Jackalope Eye
 2.Seventeen Poles
 3.Higa Ya!
 4.On The Couch
 8.Gold Top
 9.How To Maximize Your Kill Count
10.I Was Born Without A Spine
11.Glad, Damn Glad
12.She's My Bitch
13.The Schmooze
   〜14.1〜13 Repeat<Hidden Track>
14.Second Cousin<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Nitroglycerin<Bonus Track for Japan>

All Songs by Supersuckers
14 by Roy A. Loney
15 by Collins/Kroha
Produced by Conrad Uno and The Supersuckers

SUPERSUCKERS 「The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll」

SUPERSUCKERS 「The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll」

 1.Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll
 2.Cool Manchu
 3.I Want The Drugs
 4.Santa Rita High
 5.Dead Meat
 6.Stuff N Nonsense
 7.Dirt Roads, Dead Ends And Dust
 9.Gone Gamblin'
10.My Kickass Life
11.Goin' Back To Tucson
12.I Can't Hold Myself In Line
13.Hot Like The Sun

All songs written by Supersuckers
except 12 by Merle Haggard

Produced by Kurt Bloch and Supersuckers
Engineered by David Fisher

SUPERSUCKERS 「How The Supersuckers Became
                The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World」

SUPERSUCKERS 「How The Supersuckers Became The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World」

 1.Coattail Rider
 2.Creepy Jackalope Eye
 3.Born With A Tail
 5.On The Couch
 7.Hot Rod Rally
 8.She's My Bitch
 9.Bad, Bad, Bad
10.Dead In The Water
11.How To Maximize Your Kill Count
12.Ron's Got The Cocaine
13.Roadworn And Weary
14.Supersucker Drive-By Blues
15.Givin' It Away
16.All Right
18.Can't Resist
19.Dead Homiez
20.Psyched Out
21.Hell City, Hell
22.Before They Make Me Run
23.Bloody Mary Morning
24.Wake Me When It's Over
25.Good Livin'
27.Beat To Shit

All songs written by The Supersuckers
19 written by Ice Cube
22 written by Keith Richards, Michael Phillip Jagger
23, 24 written by Willie Nelson

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