10CC 「The Original Soundtrack」

10CC 「The Original Soundtrack」

1.Une Nuit A Paris(Godley/Creme)
 a.One Night In Paris
 b.The Same Night In Paris
 c.Later The Same Night In Paris
2.I'm Not In Love(Gouldman/Stewart)
4.The Second Sitting For The Last Supper(Godley/Creme/Gouldman/Stewart)
5.Brand New Day(Godley/Creme)
6.Flying Junk(Gouldman/Stewart)
7.Life Is A Minestrone(Creme/Stewart)
8.The Film Of My Love(Godley/Creme)

Produced by 10CC

10CC 「How Dare You!」

10cc 「びっくり電話」

 1.How Dare You(Kevin Godley, Lol Creme)
 2.Lazy Ways(Creme, Eric Stewart)
 3.I Wanna Rule The World(Godley, Creme, Graham Gouldman)
 4.I'm Mandy Fly Me(Stewart, Gouldman, Godley)
 5.Iceberg(Gouldman, Godley)
 6.Art for Arts Sake(Stewart, Gouldman)
 7.Rock 'N' Roll Lullaby(Gouldman, Stewart)
 8.Head Room(Godley, Creme)
 9.Don't Hang Up(Godley, Creme)

Produced by 10cc

10CC 「10cc's Greatest Hits 1972-1978」

10CC 「10cc's Greatest Hits 1972-1978」

 1.Rubber Bullets(Godley/Creme/Gouldman)
 3.Silly Love(Stewart/Creme)
 4.The Dean And I(Godley/Creme)
 5.Life Is A Minestrone(Creme/Stewart)
 6.The Wall Street Shuffle(Stewart/Gouldman)
 7.Art For Art's Sake(Stewart/Gouldman)
 8.I'm Mandy, Fly Me(Stewart/Gouldman/Godley)
 9.Good Morning Judge(Stewart/Gouldman)
10.The Things We Do For Love(Stewart/Gouldman)
11.Dreadlock Holiday(Stewart/Gouldman)
12.I'm Not In Love(Stewart/Gouldman)

10CC 「The Things We Do For Love」

10cc 「アイム・ノット・イン・ラブ〜10ccベスト」 10CC 「愛ゆえに〜10cc ベスト」
<PHCA-6128> <PHCR-4062>

 1.Life Is A Minestrone(Creme/Stewart)
 2.I'm Not In Love(Gouldman/Stewart)
 3.The Second Sitting For The Last Supper(Godley/Creme/Gouldman/Stewart)
 4.Art For Arts Sake(Stewart/Gouldman)
 5.I'm Mandy, Fly Me(Stewart/Gouldman/Godley)
 6.Rock 'N' Roll Lullaby(Gouldman/Stewart)
 7.Don't Hang Up(Godley/Creme)
 8.The Things We Do For Love(Stewart/Gouldman)
 9.Good Morning Judge(Stewart/Gouldman)
10.People In Love(Stewart/Gouldman)
11.Dreadlock Holiday(Stewart/Gouldman)
12.For You ANd I(Stewart/Gouldman)
14.Don' Ask(Gouldman)
15.Oomachasaooma(Feel The Love)(Stewart/Gouldman)

10CC 「Meanwhile」

10CC 「ミーンホワイル」

 1.Woman In Love(Stewart/Gouldman)
 3.Fill Her Up(Stewart/Gouldman)
 4.Something Special(Stewart/Gouldman)
 5.Welcome To Paradise(Stewart/Gouldman)
 6.The Stars Didn't Show(Stewart/Gouldman)
 7.Green Eyed Monster(Stewart/Gouldman)
 8.Charity Begins At Home(Stewart/Gouldman)
 9.Shine A Light In The Dark(Stewart/Gouldman)
10.Don't Break The Promise(Stewart/McCartney/Gouldman)

Produced by Gary Katz

10CC 「Mirror Mirror」

 1.I'm Not In Love(Rework Of Art Mix)(Eric Stewart & Graham Gouldman)
 2.Peace In Our Time(Graham Gouldman/Syeve Pigott)
 3.Ready To Go Home(Andrew Gold/Graham Gouldman)
 4.The Monkey And The Onion(Graham Gouldman/Tim Rice)
 5.Why Did I Break Your Heart(Eric Stewart & Graham Gouldman)
 6.Code Of Silence(Eric Stewart)
 7.Take This Woman(Eric Stewart & Graham Gouldman)
 8.Grow Old With Me(Graham Gouldman)
 9.Age Of Consent(Eric Stewart)
10.Everything Is Not Enough(Eric Stewart)

1, Produced by 10cc
2, 3, 4, 7, 8 Produced byb Graham Gouldman with Adrian Lee
5, 6, 9 Produced by Eric Stewart with Adrian Lee
10 Prodcued by Eric Stewart

GODLEY & CREME 「The History Mix Volume 1」

CREME 「The History Mix Volume 1」

 1.Wet Rubber Soup
  Recycled From:
   Rubber Bullets(Godley/Creme/Goldman)
   I'm Not In Love(Gouldman/Stewart)
2.Expanding The Business
 The Dare You Man
 Hum Drum Boys In Paris
 Mountain Tension
  Recycled From:
   Business Is Business(Godley/Creme)
   How Dare You(Godley/Creme)
   Neanderthal Man(Godley/Creme/Stewart)
   This Sporting Life(Godley/Creme)
   One Night In Paris(Godley/Creme)
   The Dean And I(Godley/Creme)
   Dynamic Tension(Godley/Creme)
3.Light Me Up(Godley/Creme)
4.An Englishman In New York(Godley/Creme)
5.Save A Mountain For Me(Godley/Creme)
6.Golden Boy(Godley/Creme)

Produced and Performed by Godley And Creme,
Nigel Gray, J.J. Jeczalik, Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman and Trevor Horn

GODLEY & CREME 「Goodbye Blue Sky」

ゴドレイ&クレーム 「グッドバイ・ブルー・スカイ」

 1.H.E.A.V.E.N./A Little Piece Of Heaven
 2.Don't Set Fire(To The One I Love)
 3.Golden Rings
 4.Crime & Punishment
 5.Big Bang
 6.10,000 Angels
 7.Sweet Memory
 8.Air Force One
 9.Last Page Of History
10.Desperate Times

Written And Produced by Godley & Creme

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