T.O.K. 「Unknown Language」

T.O.K. 「アンノウン・ランゲージ」

 1.Hey Ladies
 2.Solid As A Rock
 3.Fire Fire
 4.She's Hotter
 5.Tell Me If You Still Care
 7.Wah Gwaan
 9.Music's Pumping
11.No Way Jose
13.Galang Gal
14.Neck Breakers
15.Gal You Ah Lead
16.Unknown Language
17.This Is How We Roll<Bonus Track for Japan>
18.Life<Bonus Track for Japan>

1, 6, Produced by Donovan Bennett
2, 4, 7, 18 Produced by Christopher Birch
3 Produced by Dane "Fire Links" Johnson
5 Produced by Arif Cooper
8 Produced by Delano Thomas
9, 17 Produced by Richard "Shams" Browne
10, 15 Produced by Bobby Konders
11, 12, 14 Produced by Tony "C.D." Kelly
13 Produced by Stephen "Lenky" Marsden
16 Produced by Cordel "Scatta" Burrell and Everton Burrell

T.O.K. 「Our World」

T.O.K. 「アワ・ワールド」

 1.Intro: Our World
 2.World Is Mine
 3.Guardian Angel
 4.Couple Up
 5.Gangster Never Die
 6.I Wanna Love You
 7.Gimme Little(If You Want Me)
 8.Me And My Dawgs
 9.Now That You're Gone
10.Miss World feat. BEENIE MAN
12.Bonafide feat. KELLY PRICE
13.Afternoon Pornstar
14.It's Over
15.Die For You
16.Super Model
17.Get Out(Don't Come Back)
18.Everybody Bounce
19.Live It Up

1 Produced by X.C.A.R.
2 Produced by Rohan "Jah Snocone" Fuller
3 Produced by Arif "Supacoop" Cooper
5 Produced by Chester Walker
6 Produced by "Mad Scientist" Lawrence
7, 18 Produced by Karim "DJ Karim"
8, 13, 14 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly
9 Produced by Richard "Shams" Browne
10 Produced by Roshaun "Bay-C" Clarke
11 Produced by Eric Burrell
12 Produced by T.O.K. & Andre Lloyd
15 Produced by Craig "Leftside" Parkes
16 Produced by Mario "Mario C"Campbell
17 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly & Lionel "Deadbeat" De La O
19 Produced by Shane Brown

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