TAHITI 80 「Puzzle」

TAHITI 80 「Puzzle」

 1.Yellow Butterfly
 4.Made First(Never Forget)
 6.Swimming Suit
 7.Hey Joe
 9.Easy Way Out
10.Things Are Made To Last Forever
11.Revolution 80
12.When The Sun

All songs by Xavier Boyer/Tahiti 80
except 4 by Mederic Gonthier/Tahiti 80
Produced & Engineered by Andy Chase

TAHITI 80 「Wallpaper For The Soul」

TAHITI 80 「Wallpaper For The Soul」<

 1.Wallpaper For The Soul
 2.1,000 Times
 3.Separate Ways
 4.Get Yourself Together
 5.The Other Side
 6.Happy End
 7.Fun Fair
 8.Soul Deep
 9.Open Book
10.The Train
11.Don't Look Below
12.Memories Of The Past

Songs & music by Xavier Boyer/Tahiti 80
Produced by Andy Chase & Tahiti 80

TAHITI 80 「Fosbury」

Tahiti 80 「フォスベリー」

 1.Big Day
 3.Here Comes
 4.Matter Of Time
 5.King Kong
 6.Something About You Girl
 7.You Love Shines feat. LINDA LEWIS
 8.Take Me Back
 9.Allover Again
10.What Next
11.On The Run
13.Cherry Pie
14.Empty & Amused

Words by Xavier Boyer/Music by Tahiti 80
Produced by Tahiti 80

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