TALBOT & WHITE 「United States Of Mind」

タルボット&ホワイト 「ユナイテッド・ステイツ・オブ・マインド」

 1.Favoured Nations(Gould/White)
 2.Ocean Beach(Talbot/White/Peake)
 3.No Surrender(Gould/White)
 4.Don't Need To Worry(Muriel/Talbot/White)
 5.Black Diamond Pearls(Gould/WHite/Peake)
 6.Shades And Beads(Talbot/White/Peake)
 7.Say You'll Never Leave Me(Muriel/Talbot/White)
 8.Dearly Beloved(Mick Talbot)
 9.Don't Look Away(Ligerwood/Dean/Mullen)

1, 3, 5 Produced by Steve White and Phil Gould
6 Produced by Steve White, Phil Gould and Mick Talbot
2, 4, 7, 8, 9 Produced by Steve White and Mick Talbot

TALBOT & WHITE 「Off The Beaten Track」

タルボット&ホワイト 「オフ・ザ・ビートゥン・トラック」

 1.Are We On?(Talbot/White)
 2.Sticks And Stones(Talbot/White/Charles)
 3.'Til The Cows Come Home(Talbot/White/Peake)
 4.Out Of My Box(Talbot)
 5.Off The Beaten Track(Talbot/White)
 6.Hopes And Fears(Talbot/White)
 7.Riding The Rapids(Talbot/White/Charles)
 8.Sonny's Prayer(Talbot/White)
 9.3's a Crowd(Talbot/White/Barnes)
10.Under My Skin(White)

Produced by Mick Talbot and Steve White

YADA YADA 「Subculture」

YADA YADA 「サブカルチャー」

 1.Magic Time
 2.Closer To The Source
 3.The Journey Within
 4.Round Trip
 5.Full Circle
 6.Cosmic Evolution
 7.Inner Space
 8.Life Force
 9.Riverside Jam
10.Second Phase<Bonus Track for Japan>
11.Fuse 1<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Closer To The Source(Bz's Dittonia Dub Remix)<Bonus Track for Japan>

All Songs Produced and Written by Chris Bangs and Mick Talbot

YADA YADA 「Piktures」

YADA YADA(ミック・タルボット&クリス・バングス) 「PIKTURES」

 1.Space Girls
 3.Take One
 5.Three Thirty Nine
 6.Summer's End
10.Surreal Thing?
11.I'll Be Around feat. RITA CAMPBELL[Vocals]<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.I'll Be Around feat. NIGEL WALLACE PRICE[Guitar]<Bonus Track for Japan>
13.Morning Song<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Discovery(Dub Mix)<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs written by Mick Talbot & Chris Bangs
except 11 written by Thom Bell & Phil Hurtt
Produced by Chris Bangs & Mick Talbot

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ