TERRY CALLIER 「What Color Is Love」


 1.Dancing Girl(Terry Callier)
 2.What Color Is Love(Terry Callier)
 3.You Goin' Miss Your Candyman(Terry Callier, Phyllis Braxton)
 4.Just As Long As We're In Love(Terry Callier, Larry Wade)
 5.Ho Tsing Mee (A Song Of The Sun)(Terry Callier)
 6.I'd Rather Be With You(Terry Callier, Larry Wade, Jerry Butler)
 7.You Don't Care(Terry Callier, Larry Wade)

produced by Charles Stepney



 1.Ordinary Joe
 2.Step Into The Light
 3.Lazurus Man
 4.Lament For The Late A.D.
 5.African Violet
 6.You're Gonna Miss Your Candy Man
 7.What Colour Is Love
 8.Dancing Girl
 9.People Get Ready
10.I Don't Wanna See Myself(Without You)

All songs written by Terry Callier
except 10 written by Terry Callier, Larry Wade, Eric Hochberg, Pennington Mcgee
Produced by Andy Sojka and Ben Mitchell

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