THIN LIZZY 「Bad Reputation」

THIN LIZZY 「Bad Reputation」

 1.Soldier Of Fortune(Lynott)
 2.Bad Reputation(Downey/Gorham/Lynott)
 3.Opium Trail(Downey/Gorham/Lynott)
 5.Dancing In The Moonlight(It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)(Lynott)
 6.Killer Without A Cause(Gorham/Lynott)
 7.Downtown Sundown(Lynott)
 8.That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart(Lynott)
 9.Dear Lord(Gorham/Lynott)

Produced by Thin Lizzy and Tony Visconti

THIN LIZZY 「Black Rose」

シン・リジィ 「ブラック・ローズ」

 1.Do Anything You Want To(P.Lynott)
 2.Toughest Street In Town(P.Lynott/S.Gorham/G.Moore)
 4.Waiting For An Alibi(P.Lynott)
 5.My Sarah(P.Lynott/G.Moore)
 6.Got To Give It Up(P.Lynott/S.Gorham)
 7.Get Out Of Here(P.Lynott/Midge Ure)
 8.With Love(P.Lynott)
 9.Roisin Dubh(Black Rose) A Rock Legend(P.Lynott/G.Moore)

Produced by Tony Visconti & Thin Lizzy

THIN LIZZY 「Thunder And Lightning」

THIN LIZZY 「Thunder And Lightning」

 1.Thunder And Lightning(Downey/Lynott)
 2.This Is The One(Wharton/Lynott)
 3.The Sun Goes Down(Wharton/Lynott)
 4.The Holy War(Lynott)
 5.Cold Sweat(Sykes/Lynott)
 6.Someday She Is Going To Hit Back(Downey/Wharton/Lynott)
 7.Baby Please Don't GoLynott)
 8.Bad Habits(Gorham/Lynott)
 9.Heart Attack(Wharton/Gorham/Lynott)

Produced by Thin Lizzy and Chris Tsangarides

THIN LIZZY 「The Japanese Compilation Album」

シン・リジィ 「ベスト・オブ・シン・リジィ(日本編集アルバム)」

 1.Waiting For An Alibi(P.Lynott)
 2.Dancing In The Moonlight(It's Caught Me In It's Spotlight)(P.Lynott)
 3.Don't Believe A Word(P.Lynott)
 4.Wild One(P.Lynott)
 6.Do Anything You Want To(P.Lynott)
 8.Still In Love With You(P.Lynott)
 9.Cowboy Song(P.Lynott/B.Dawney)
10.The Boys Are Back In Town(P.Lynott)

Produced by Tony Visconti and Thin Lizzy
except 3, 5 Produced by John Alcock
4 Produced by Philip Lynott

THIN LIZZY 「Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy」

THIN LIZZY 「Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy」

 1.The Boys Are Back In Town(Lynott)
 3.Don't Believe A Word(Lynott)
 4.Waiting For An Alibi(Lynott)
 5.Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song(B.Seger/Lynott/Downey)(Live)
 6.Cold Sweat(Lynott)
 7.Thunder And Lightning(Downey/Lynott)
 8.Out In The Fields(Moore)
 9.Dancing In The Moonlight(Lynott)
10.Parisienne Walkways(Lynott)
12.Still In Love With You(Lynott)(Live)
14.Bad Reputation(Downey/Gorham/Lynott)
15.Killer On The Loose(Lynott)
16.China Town(Downey/Gorham/Lynott/White)
17.Do Anything You Want To(Lynott)
19.Whiskey In The Jar(Trad. arr. Lynott/Bell/Downey)

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