THE THREE DEGREES 「The Best Of The Three Degrees」

THE THREE DEGREES 「The Best Of The Three Degrees」

 1.When Will I See You Again(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 2.Long Lost Lover(K.Gamble/L.Huff/C.Gilbert)
 3.Can't You See What You're Doing to Me(J.B.Jefferson/B.Hawes)
 4.Lonelier Are Fools(J.B.Jefferson/B.Hawes/C.Simmons)
 5.I Didn't Know(B.Sigler/J.Lang)
 6.Here I Am(L.Huff/C.Gilbert)
 7.T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 8.Dirty Ol' Man(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 9.Love Is The Message (Single Version)(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
10.Take Good Care Of Yourself(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
11.If And When(J.B.Jefferson/B.Sigler)
12.Year Of Decision(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
13.Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon(Live)(J.Webb)
14.Get Your Love Back(K.Gamble/L.Huff)

Produced by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff
4 Produced by Bruce Hawes
13.Produced by Bobby Martin

1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 12 from the album 『The Three Degrees』

2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 14 from the album 『International
9 from the album 『Love Is The Message』
13 from the album 『The Three Degrees Live』

THE THREE DEGREES 「The Best In The First Degree」

スリー・ディグリーズ 「ベスト・イン・スリー・ディグリーズT〜Single Collection〜」

 1.T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia)(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 2.Dirty Ol' Man(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 3.Year Of Decision(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 4.When Will I See You Again(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 5.Love Is the Message(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 6.Get Your Love Back(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 7.Midnight Train(T.Matusmoto/H.Hosono)
 8.I Didn't Know(B.Sigler/J.Lang)
 9.Nigai Namida(K.Yasui/K.Tsutsumi)
10.Take Good Care Of Yourself(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
11.Long Lost Lover(K.Gamble/L.Huff/C.Gilbert)
12.La Chanson Populaire(N.Scornik/J.P.Bourtayre)
13.Do It(Use Your Mind)(S.Ferguson/J.Rock/Y.Ikeda)
14.A Toast Of Love(S.Ferguson/T.Umegaki)
15.What I Did For Love(From The Musical "A Chorus Line")(E.Kleban)
16.Standing Up For Love(G.Zclinton)

THE THREE DEGREES 「The Best In The Second Degree」

スリー・ディグリーズ 「ベスト・イン・スリー・ディグリーズU〜Ballads Collection〜」

 1.Another Heartache(K.Gamble/L.Huff)
 2.Just Leave Me Alone(R.Galbraith)
 3.Somos Novios(It's Impossible)(A.Manzanero)
 5.A Woman Needs A Good Man(B.Sigler/M.Farrow/M.Jackson)
 6.Lonelier Are Fools(J.Jefferson/B.Hawes/C.Simmons)
 7.Distant Lover(M.Gaye/G.Fuqua/S.Greene)
 8.In Love We Grow(D.Belfield)
 9.Here I Am(L.Huff/C.Gilbert)
10.From Souvenirs To Souvenirs(S.Vlavianos/R.Constantinos)
11.If And When(J.B.Jefferson/B.Sigler/Arranger: Lenny Pakula)
12.Gee Baby(I'm Sorry)(R.Barrett)
13.We're All Alone(B.Scaggs)

THE THREE DEGREES 「...And Holding」

THE THREE DEGREES 「...And Holding」

 1.Tie U Up
 2.Win, Place Or Show
 3.Make It Easy On Yourself
 4.Lock It Up
 5.Vital Signs
 6.A Tender Lie
 7.After The Night Is Over
 8.Are You That Kind Of Guy

Produced by Buzz Amato & John Abbey
2, 4, 7 Produced by Howie Rice
5 produced by Buzz Amato, Herb Avery & John Abbey

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