トニー・マカパイン 「マッドネス」

 1.Naked Nancy
 2.Peruvian Power Layback
 3.Albert's Fat Sister
 4.Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
 5.Realm Of The Flying Monkeys
 6.Prelude # 8 Opus 28
 7.Confrontation With The Electric Bees
 8.Dr.Garlic Breath
 9.House In Motion
10.Muffin Bandits
11.Rats With Wings

All songs written by Tony MacAlpine
6 written by F.Chopin
7, 8 written by Tony MacAlpine, Larry Dennison and Glen Sobel
Produced by Tony MacAlpine, Larry Dennison, Glen Sobel and Brian Levi

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ