TONY REBEL 「Rebel With A Cause」

トニー・レベル 「レベル・ウィズ・ア・コーズ」

 1.He's A Rebel
 2.War & Crime
 3.Fresh Vegetable
 4.Things Not So Right with MARCIA GRIFFITHS
 5.Come Off Mi Corner
 6.Freeze with MACKA B
 8.High Prices
 9.Cross Over The Bridge with WAYNE WONDER
11.Smaddy Pickney with WAYNE WONDER
12.Respect & Honor with BERES HAMMOND
13.Sweet Rose Apple
14.D.J.Unity with MACKA B
15.2 Guns
16.Instant Death
17.Original Mix Up
18.Mandella Story
19.Come Test

Produced by Donovan Germain and D.Kelly

TONY REBEL 「Vibes Of The Time」

TONY REBEL 「Vibes Of The Time」

 1.Fresh D.J.
 2.Vibes Of The Time
 3.The Voice & The Pen
 4.My Way Or The Highway feat. DIANA KING
 5.Love One Another
 6.Reggae Vibes
 7.Chatty Chatty
 8.Wanna Party
 9.Nazarine Vow
10.Ethiopian Sons feat. GARNET SILK
11.Sweet Jamaica
13.One Day

1, 4, 6 Produced by Sly Dunbar
2 Produced by Delroy Collins and Barry O'Hara
3 Produced by Mikey Bennett
5, 7, 8, 13, 14 Produced by Donovan Germaine
9, 12 Produced by Phillip "Fattist" Burrell
10 Produced by Steely & Clevie
11 Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon


トニー・レベル 「ノウ・ジャー」

 1.Love Fountain
 2.Know Jah
 3.Bible Chant
 4.Call Jah Name
 5.Mister Enemy
 6.Stand Up Strong
 7.Who You Are
 8.I Cannot Be Blame
 9.Human Blood A Run
10.THink Of These Things
11.Thanks & Praise(Celebrate Life)
14.Noise Of The Market
15.Smell A Revolution

1, 13 Produced by Flames Production
2, 3, 9, 10, 14 Produced by Donovan Germain
4, 15 Produced by Richard "Bello" Bell
5, 6, 8 Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon
7 Produced by Courtney Cole
11, 12 Produced by Phillip "Fattis" Burrell

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