TOWN AND COUNTRY 「It All Has To Do With It.」

タウン・アンド・カントリー 「イット・オール・ハズ・トゥ・ドゥ・ウィズ・イット」

 2.Hat Versus Hood
 3.Fine Italian Hand
 4.That Old Feeling
 5.Karaoke Part One<Bonus Track for Japan>
 6.Karaoke Part Two<Bonus Track for Japan>

All music written by Town And Country
Recorded and mixed at Soma Electronic Music Stadio, April 2000 by Casey Rice
5, 6 Recorded live at the Improv Workshop in Myopic Books by Todd Carterduring May 2000 in Chicago


タウン・アンド・カントリー 「アップ・アバーヴ」

 1.Sun Trolley
 2.Fields & Parks Of Easy Access
 3.Phoney Fuckin' Mountain
 4.Bee Call
 5.Cloud Seeding
 6.Blue Lotus Feel
 7.King Of Portugal
 8.Belle Isle
 9.Almost At White Glass & Sun
10.Up Above
11.Sun Trolley Part 2<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Up Above The World<Bonus Track for Japan>

All Songs by Town And Country
except 6, 7 are Public Domain, arrangements by Town And Country
Recorded by Jeremy Lemos, Todd Carter and Town And Country

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ