TRACEY ULLMAN 「You Broke My Heart In 17 Places」

トレイシー・ウルマン 「ユー・ブローク・マイ・ハート」

 2.Long Live Love
 4.Oh, What A Night
 5.(Life Is A Rock) But The Radio Rolled Me
 6.Move Over Darling
 7.Bobby's Girl
 8.They Don't Know
 9.(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
10.You Broke My Heart In 17 Places
11.I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
12.Dancing In The Dark<Bonus Track>
13.Breakaway -Monitor Mix<Bonus Track>
14.Bobby's Girl - Remix<Bonus Track>
15.Move Over Darling - Extended<Bonus Track>
16.The B. Side<Bonus Track>

TRACEY ULLMAN 「The Best Of... Tracey Ullman」

TRACEY ULLMAN 「The Best Of... Tracey Ullman」

 2.They Don't Know(MacColl)
 3.I Know What Boys Like(Butler)
 4.Bad Motorcycle(Williams/Browne)
 5.My Guy(Barson)
 7.(Life Is A Rocl) But The Radio Rolled Me(Dolph/Levine/Difranco)
 8.Move Over Darling(Kanter/Lubin/Melcher)
 9.(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear(Valentine)
10.Give Him A Great Big Kiss(Morton)
12.You Caught Me Out(Briquette/Crowe/McColl)
14.Candy(Ullman/Miss Scarlet/Collins)
16.Falling In And Out Of Love(Kjeldsen/Snow)
17.I Don't Want Our Loving To Die(Howard/Blaikley)
18.If I Had You(Rachmaninoff/Davies)
19.You Broke My Heart In 17 Pieces(MacColl)
20.Thinking Of Running Away(Collins/Chapman/Ullman)
21.The B-Side(Ullman/Fuller)

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