THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP 「The Best Of The Spencer Davis Group」

スペンサー・デイヴィス・グループ フィーチャリング:スティーヴ・ウィンウッド 「ベスト・オブ・スペンサー・デイヴィス・グループ」

 1.I'm A Man(S.Winwood/J.Miller)
 2.Gimme Some Lovin'(S.Winwood/M.Winwood/S.Davis)
 3.Every Little Bit Hurts(Ed Cobb)
 4.This Hammer(S.Winwood/M.Winwood/P.York/S.Davis)
 5.Back Into My Life Again(J.Edwards/J.Miller)
 6.Waltz For Lumumba(S.Winwood)
 7.Together Till The End Of Time(Frank Wilson)
 8.Keep On Running(Jackie Edwards)
10.When I Come Home(S.Winwood/J.Edwards)
11.Strong Love(Malone/Silvers/Brown)
12.Somebody Help Me(J.Edwards)
13.She Put The Hurt On Me(L.Nelson)
14.Goodbye Stevie(S.Winwood/M.Winwood/P.York/S.Davis)

Produced by Chris Blackwell
1 Produced by Jimmy Miller
11 Produced by Harry Robinson

TRAFFIC 「Traffic」

TRAFFIC 「Traffic」

 1.You Can All Join In(D.Mason)
 2.Pearly Queen(Winwood/Capaldi)
 3.Don't Be Sad(D.Mason)
 4.Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring(Winwood/Capaldi/Wood)
 5.Feelin' Alright?(D.Mason)
 6.Vagabond Virgin(Mason/Wood)
 7.Forty Thousand Headmen(Winwood/Capaldi)
 8.Cryin' To Be Heard(D.Mason)
 9.No Time To Live(Winwood/Capaldi)
10.Means To An End(Winwood/Capaldi)

Produced by Jimmy Miller

TRAFFIC 「John Barleycorn Must Die」

トラフィック 「ジョン・バーレイコーン・マスト・ダイ」

 2.Freedom Rider(Winwood-Capaldi)
 3.Empty Pages(Winwood-Capaldi)
 4.Stranger To Himself(Winwood-Capaldi)
 5.John Barleycorn(Trad. Arrangement/Winwood)
 6.Every Mothers Son(Winwood-Capaldi)

Produced by Chris Blackwell/Steve Winwood
except 4 Produced by Guy Stevens

TRAFFIC 「Far From Home」

TRAFFIC 「Far From Home」

 1.Riding High
 2.Here Comes A Man
 3.Far From Home
 4.Nowhere Is Their Freedom
 5.Holy Ground
 6.Some Kinda Woman
 7.Every Night, Every Day
 8.This Train Won't Stop
 9.State Of Grace

All songs written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi
except 5 written by Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Davy Spilane

Produced by Steve Winwood, assisted by Jim Capaldi

STEVE WINWOOD 「Chronicles」

STEVE WINWOOD 「Chronicles」

 1.Wake Me Up On Judgement Day(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)
 2.While You See A Chance(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)
 3.Vacant Chair(S.Winwood/V.Stanshall)
 4.Help Me Angel(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)
 5.My Love's Leavin'(S.Winwood/V.Stanshall)
 7.Arc Of A Diver(S.Winwood/V.Stanshall)
 8.Higher Love(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)
 9.Spanish Dancer(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)
10.Talking Back To The Night(S.Winwood/W.Jennings)

1, 5, 8 Produced by Russ Titelman & Steve Winwood
2, 7, 9 Produced by Steve Winwood
3 Produced by Steve Winwood & Chris Blackwell
4, 6, 10 Produced by Steve Winwood & Tom Lord Alge


スティーヴ・ウィンウッド 「ロール・ウィズ・イット」

 1.Roll With It
 2.Holding On
 3.The Morning Side
 4.Put On Your Dancing Shoes
 5.Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?
 6.Hearts On Fire
 7.One More Morning
 8.Shining Sing

All tracks written by S.Winwood/W.Jennings
except 6 written by S.Winwood/J.Capaldi
Produced by Steve Winwood and Tom Lord Alge

STEVE WINWOOD 「Refugees Of The Hear」

STEVE WINWOOD 「Refugees Of The Hear」

 1.You'll Keep On Searching(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 2.Every Day(Oh Lord)(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 3.One And Only Man(Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi)
 4.I Will Be Here(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 5.Another Deal Goes Down(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 6.Running On(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 7.Come Out And Dance(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)
 8.In the Light Of Day(Steve Winwood and Will Jennings)

Produced by Steve Winwood

STEVE WINWOOD 「Junction Seven」

STEVE WINWOOD 「Junction Seven」

 1.Spy In The House Of Love(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Jim Capaldi)
 2.Angel Of Mercy(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Jim Capaldi)
 3.Just Wanna Have Some Fun(Steve Winwood & Narada Michael Walden)
 4.Let Your Love Come Down(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Jim Capaldi)
 5.Real Love(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Eugenia Winwood)
 6.Fill Me Up(Steve Winwood & Eugenia Winwood)
 7.Gotta Get Back To My Baby(Steve Winwood & Eugenia Winwood)
 8.Someone Like You(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Eugenia Winwood)
 9.Family Affair(Sylvester Stewart)
10.Plenty Lovin'(Steve Winwood & Narada Michael Walden)
11.Lord Of The Street(Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden & Jim Capaldi)

Produced & Arranged by Narada Michael Walden & Steve Winnwood

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