U ROY 「Dread In A Babylon」

ユー・ロイ 「ドレッド・イン・ア・バビロン」

 1.Runaway Girl
 2.Chalice In The Palace
 3.I Can't Love Another
 4.Dreadlocks Dread
 5.Great Psalms
 6.Natty Don't Fear
 7.African Message
 8.Silver Bird
 9.Listen To The Teacher
10.Trench Town Rock

All tracks written by U-Roy & Tony Robinson
Produced by Tony Robinson

U ROY 「Rock With I」

U ROY 「Rock With I」

 1.The Originator
 2.Jump For Joy
 3.Heavy Duty
 4.I Shall Not Be Moved
 5.Too Much War
 6.Musical Vision
 7.King Tubby's Skank
 8.Gorgon Wise
 9.Don't You Worry
10.Feel Jah Spirit
11.Joyfull Locks
12.Rock With I

Produced by Bunny Lee

U ROY 「Smile A While」

U-ロイ 「スマイル・ア・ホワイル」

 1.Smile A While
 2.I'm A Rasta Man
 3.A Chapter A Day
 4.Steppin Pon De Right Track
 6.The Hurt Is Good
 7.Can't Do Them Time
 8.Lip Service
 9.More Love
10.Choice DJ
11.Leaders Of The World
12.Unity In The Community

Produced and mixed by Mad Professor & Black Steel

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ