THE UNDERTONES 「The Undertones」

THE UNDERTONES 「The Undertones」

 1.Family Entertainment(D. O'Neill)
 2.Girls Don't Like It(J.J. O'Neill)
 3.Male Model(J.J. O'Neill/M.Bradley/D. O'Neill)
 4.I Gotta Getta(J.J. O'Neill)
 5.Teenage Kicks(J.J. O'Neill)
 6.Wrong Way(W.E.M. Doherty)
 7.Jump Boys(J.J. O'Neill)
 8.Here Comes The Summer(J.J. O'Neill)
 9.Get Over You(J.J. O'Neill)
10.Billy's Third(W.E.M. Doherty)
11.Jimmy Jimmy(J.J. O'Neill)
12.True Confessions(J.J. O'Neill/M.Bradley/D. O'Neill)
13.(She's A) Runaround(J.J. O'Neill)
14.I Know A Girl(J.J. O'Neill/M.Bradley/D. O'Neill)
15.Listening In(J.J. O'Neill/M.Bradley/D. O'Neill)
16.Casbah Rock(J.J. O'Neill)
17.Smarter Than U(D. O'Neill/M.Bradley/W.E.M. Doherty)
18.Emergency Cases(J.J. O'Neill)
19.Top Twenty(J.J. O'Neill)
20.Really Really(W.E.M. Doherty)
21.Mars Bars(D. O'Neill/M.Bradley)
22.She Can Only Say No(J.J. O'Neill)
23.One Way Love(J.J. O'Neill)

All Tracks Produced by Roger Bechirian
except 5, 12, 17, 18 Produced by The Undertones


フィアガル・シャーキー 「ウィッシュ」

 1.Cold, Cold, Street(F.S.Sharkey/D.Kortchmar/D.Lasley)
 2.More Love(B.Tench)
 3.Full Confession(F.S.Sharkey/D.Kortchmar/T.Daly)
 4.Please Don't Believe In Me(F.S.Sharkey/D.Stewart/D.Lasley)
 5.Out Of My System(S.Valentine/E.Chacon)
 6.Strangest Girl In Paradise(F.S.Sharkey/D.Kortchmar)
 7.Let Me Be(F.S.Sharkey/M.Goldenberg)
 8.Blue Days(F.S.Sharkey/D.Kortchmar/W.Wachtel)
 9.If This Is Love(F.S.Sharkey/M.Lee/D.Lasley)
10.Safe To Touch(F.S.Sharkey/S.Jordan)

Produced by Danny Kortchmar
Mixed by Shelly Yakus and Marc De Sisto

THAT PETROL EMOTION 「End Of The Millenium Psychosis Blues」

THAT PETROL EMOTION 「End Of The Millenium Psychosis Blues」

 1.Sooner Or Later(Sean O'Neill, Damian O'Neill+Steve Mack)
 2.Every Little Bit(Sean O'Neill)
 3.Cellophane(Sean O'Neill)
 4.Candy Love Satellite(Sean O'Neill+Steve Mack)
 5.Here It Is... Take It!(Ciaran McLaughlin)
 6.The Price Of My Soul(Ciaran McLaughlin, Reamann O'Gormain+Steve Mack)
 7.Groove Check(Ciaran McLaughlin, Reamann O'Gormain+Steve Mack)
 8.The Bottom Line(Reamann O'Gormain)
 9.Tension(Sean O'Neill, Ciaran McLaughlin+Reamann O'Gormain)
10.Tired Shattered Man(Damian O'Neill+Reamann O'Gormain)
11.Goggle Box(Ciaran McLaughlin+Steve Mack)
12.Under The Sky(Ciaran McLaughlin+Reamann O'Gormain)

Produced by Roli Mosimann



 1.Hey Venus
 2.Blue To Black
 3.Mess Of Words
 5.Another Day
 6.Gnaw Mark
 7.Scum Surfin'
10.Head Staggered
12.Sweet Shiver Burn

Produced and Engineered by Scott Litt


ザット・ペトロール・エモーション 「ファイヤープルーフ」

 1.Detonate My Dreams
 2.Catch A Fire
 3.Last Of The True Believers
 4.Too Late Blues
 5.7th Wave
 6.Infinite Thrill
 7.Speed Of Light
 9.Heartbeat Mosaic
10.Metal Mystery

Produced by That Petrol Emotion
except 5, 9, 10 Produced by That Petrol Emotion & Bryan Martin

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