THE VENTURES 「Knock Me Out! Mono & Stereo And Others」

ベンチャーズ 「ノック・ミー・アウト!(モノ&ステレオ)」

 1.I Feel Fine(J.Lennon/P.McCartney)
 2.Love Potion No.9(Leiber/Stoller)
 3.Tomorrow's Love(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
 4.Oh, Pretty Woman(R.Orbison/B.Dees)
 5.Mariner Number Four(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
 6.When You Walk In The Room(J.De Shannon)
 7.Gone, Gone, Gone(D.Everly/P.Everly)
 8.Slaughter On Tenth Avenue(R.Rodgers)
 9.She's Not There(Argent)
10.Lonely Girl(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
11.Bird Rockers(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
12.She La La(Taylor/Moseley)
13.I Feel Fine(J.Lennon/P.McCartney)
14.Love Potion No.9(Leiber/Stoller)
15.Tomorrow's Love(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
16.Oh, Pretty Woman(R.Orbison/B.Dees)
17.Mariner Number Four(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
18.When You Walk In The Room(J.De Shannon)
19.Gone, Gone, Gone(D.Everly/P.Everly)
20..Slaughter On Tenth Avenue(R.Rodgers)
21.She's Not There(Argent)
22.Lonely Girl(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
23.Bird Rockers(Wilson/Bogle/Edwards/Taylor)
24.She La La(Taylor/Moseley)
25.Ten Seconds To Heaven(True Stereo)(F.Perry)<Bonus Track>
26.Gemini(Fenner/Blanchard)<Bonus Track>
27.Secret Agent Man(Without Chorus)(P.F.Sloan/S.Barri)
28.Green Hornet Theme(True Stereo)(B.May)

THE VENTURES 「Walk - Don't Run - The Best Of The Ventures」

THE VENTURES 「Walk - Don't Run - The Best Of The Ventures」

 1.Walk, Don't Run
 2.No Trespassing
 5.Lullaby Of The Leaves
 6.Yellow Jacket
 7.Driving Guitars(Ventures Twist)
 8.Road Runner
10.Spudnik(Surf Rider)
11.Night Drive
12.The 2000 Pound Bee(Pts.1 & 2)
13.The Savage
14.Moon Child
15.Journey To The Stars
17.Walk,-Don't Run '64
18.Pedal Pusher
19.Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
20.Diamond Head
21.Action Plus
22.Dick Tracy
23.Flights Of Fantasy
24.Underground Fire
25.Hawaii Five-O
26.The Ventures' "Rocketing Rhythms" Interview
27.The Ventures' Twist Party, Vol.2 - Radio Spot
28.Underground Fire - Radio Spot
29.Hawaii Five-O - Radio Spot

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