VICTOR DAVIES 「Hoxton Popstars」

ヴィクター・デイヴィス 「ホックストン・ポップスターズ」

 1.This One’s For Everyone(Intro)
 2.Fly Away
 3.Mama's Eyes
 4.Maybe Tomorrow
 5.Morning Sun
 7.I Love You So
 8.Walking In The Rain
 9.Be Yourself<Bonus Track>
10.What Could Be More Sad
11.Ba Do De Da
12.This One’s For Everyone(Reprise)

All Songs Written, Performed & Produced by Victor Davies

VICTOR DAVIES 「Hear The Sound」

ヴィクター・デイヴィス 「ヒアー・ザ・サウンド」

 1.Hear The Sound
 2.Comigo(With Me) feat. BEBEL GILBERTO
 3.Would You Believe In Me
 4.Gold & Diamonds
 5.Victor Davies(Interlude)
 6.If I Ruled The World
 7.Til You Come Home
 8.Mini Cab(Interlude)
 9.One More Time
11.So Good For Me
12.End Of Time
13.Missing World
14.Don't Believe A Word
15.Dance<Bonus Trac>

All songs written by Victor Davies
3 by Lucien, with additional lyrics & music by Davies
14 by Lynott
Produced by Victor Davies

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