VIOLENT ONSENGEISHA 「Que Sera, Sera(Things Go From Bad To Worse)」

暴力温泉芸者 「ケセラ、セラ(シングス・ゴー・フロム・バッド・トゥ・ワース)」

 2.Heavy Introruction
 3.Love Child, Happy Parade
 4.Surf Despair '65
 5.Milkcow Blues(-Raymond, Douglas, Davis-)
 6.Deadcow Soul
 7.Come Come Company's Decent President
 8.Good Morning Mrs.Leech
 9.Starship Carries Beautiful Lovers
10.The Coconuts Farm
11.Hot Free Mind
12.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood(-Benjamin, Marcus, Caldwell-)
13.Whitehair Big Explosion
14.Attack Of Beats Destroyer
15.Que Sera, Sera(Things Go From Bad To Worse)
16.Hell Vain
17.Super Sad
18.Ilsa On Highway

Produced by Violent Onsengeisha with Hidetsugu Ito

VIOLENT ONSENGEISHA 「Nation Of Rhythm Slaves」

暴力温泉芸者 「ネイション・オブ・リズム・スレイヴス」

 1.Dream Punk Rocker, Pt.1
 2.Revolution Of Hair-Nudist
 3.Going Up The Country
 4.Same Ni Kuwareta Musume
 5.Kuro No Funauta
 6.100 Dance Terrorists
 7.Erect The Funkmaster
 8.Roll Over Love-Stylist
 9.Tropical Distortion
10.Satellite Contrast
11.Rodeo Drome
12.Dream Punk Rocker, Pt.2
13.Sports Car Blues
14.V.O.G.Is Original Sportsman
15.Hayabusa To Watashi

Performed and Produced by Violent Onsen Geisha

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ