THE WALLFLOWERS 「The Wallflowers」

ザ・ウォールフラワーズ 「ザ・ウォールフラワーズ」

 1.Shy Of The Moon
 3.Sidewalk Annie
 5.Be Your Own Girl
 6.Another One In The Dark
 7.Ashes To Ashes
 8.After The Blackbird Sings
 9.Somebody Else's Money
10.Asleep At The Wheel
12.For The Life Of Me

All Songs Written by Jakob Dylan
except 8 Written by Dylan/Miller/Maguire/Yanowitz/Jaffe
Produced by Paul Fox
except 5, 7, 12 Produced by Andrew Slater and The Wallflowers

THE WALLFLOWERS 「Bringing Down The Horse」

THE WALLFLOWERS 「Bringing Down The Horse」

 1.One Headlight
 2.6th Avenue Heartache
 4.Three Marlenas
 5.The Difference
 6.Invisible City
 7.Laughing Out Loud
 9.God Don't Make Lonely Girls
10.Angel On My Bike
11.I Wish I Felt Nothing
12.Used To Be Lucky

The Wallflowers are
Jakob Dylan
Rami Jaffee
Greg Richling
Michael Ward
Mario Calire

All songs written by Jakob Dylan
Produced by T-Bone Burnett


ザ・ウォールフラワーズ 「ブリーチ」

 1.Letters From The Wasteland
 2.Hand Me Down
 4.I've Been Delivered
 6.Some Flowers Bloom Dead
 7.Mourning Train
 8.Up From Under
 9.Murder 101
  Babybird(Hidden Track)
11.Sleepwalker(Demo)(Bonus Track)

All songs written by Jakob Dylan
Produced by Andrew Slater and Michael Penn


ザ・ウォールフラワーズ 「レッド・レター・デイズ」

 1.When You're On Top
 2.How Good It Can Get
 3.Closer To You
 4.Everybody Out Of The Water
 5.Three Ways
 6.Too Late To Quit
 7.If You Never Got Sick
 8.Health And Happiness
 9.See You When I Get There
10.Feels Like Summer Again
11.Everything I Need
12.Here In Pleasantville
13.The Empire Of My Mind
14.(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs written by Jakob Dylan
except 14 by Nick Lowe
Produced & Recorded by Tobios Miller & Bill Appleberry

THE WALLFLOWERS 「Rebel, Sweetheart」

THE WALLFLOWERS 「Rebel, Sweetheart」

 1.Days Of Wonder
 2.The Passenger
 3.The Beautiful Side Of Somewhere
 4.Here He Comes(Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)
 5.We're Already There
 6.God Says Nothing Back
 7.Back To California
 8.I Am A Building
 9.From The Bottom Of My Heart
10.Nearly Beloved
11.How Far You've Come
12.All Things New Again
13.Nothing To See Her<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

All songs written by Jakob Dylan
Produced by Brendan O'Brien



 1.Hospital For Sinners
 2.Misfits And Lovers feat. MICK JONES
 3.First One In The Car
 4.Reboot The Mission feat. MICK JONES
 5.It's A Dream
 6.Love Is A Country
 7.Have Mercy On Him Now
 8.The Devil's Waltz
 9.It Won't Be Long(Till We're Not Wrong Anymore)
10.Constellation Blues
11.One Set Of Wings

Lyrics: Jakob Dylan
Music: The Wallflowers(Jakob Dylan, Greg Richling, Rami Jaffee, Stuart Mathis, Jack Irons)
Produced by Jay Jooyce

JAKOB DYLAN 「Seeing Things」

JAKOB DYLAN 「Seeing Things」

 1.Evil Is Alive And Well
 2.Valley Of The Low Sun
 3.All Day And All Night
 4.Everybody Pays As They Go
 5.Will It Grow
 6.I Told You I Couldn't Stop
 7.War Is Kind
 8.Something Good This Way Comes
 9.On Up The Mountain
10.This End Of The Telescope

All Songs Written by Jakob Dylan
Produced by Rick Rubin

JAKOB DYLAN 「Women + Country」

JAKOB DYLAN 「Women + Country」

 1.Nothing But The Whole Wide World
 2.Down On Our Shield
 3.Lend A Hand
 4.We Don't Live Here Anymore
 5.Everybody's Hurting
 6.Yonder Come the Blues
 7.Holy Rollers for Love
 8.Truth For A Truth
 9.They've Trapped Us Boys
10.Smile When You Call Me That
11.Standing Eight Count

All songs written by Jakob Dylan

Produced by T Bone Burnett

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