WAYNE WONDER 「Will Be Loving You」

ウェイン・ワンダー 「ウィル・ビー・・ラヴィング・ユー」

 1.Eternal Flame
 2.What Could It Be
 3.Here And Now
 4.If You Were Here
 5.One Night
 6.All This Time
 7.That Night
 8.Suspicious Minds feat.MARCIA GRIFFITHS
 9.I Need Someone
10.Hold On
11.My Sound
12.I'll Be Loving You
13.Sweetest Girl feat.JUNIE RANKS
14.If There Wasn't Love

Produced by D.Germain & D.Kelly

WAYNE WONDER 「Don't Have To...」

ウェイン・ワンダー 「ドント・ハフ・トゥ...」

 1.Heal Massa God World feat. BUJU BANTON
 2.Bonafide Love feat. BUJU BANTON
 3.Die Without You
 4.Love Will Lead You Back
 5.Saddest Day Of My Life
 6.Hey Lorna feat. BUJU BANTON
 7.Woman A How feat. TERRY GANZY
 8.Missing You
 9.Give My Love A Try feat. BUJU BANTON
10.Don't Have To
11.Smaddy Pickney feat. TONY REBEL
12.Feeling Soul
13.Heat Of The Moment
14.Are You The Reason
15.Do You Love Me?
16.You Send The Rain
17.Only Human

Produced by Donovan Germain
except 9 Produce dby Andre Tyrell

WAYNE WONDER 「No Holding Back」

WAYNE WONDER 「No Holding Back」

 2.No Letting Go
 3.Bounce Along
 4.Friend Like Me
 5.Nobody But Me
 6.Glad You Came My Way
 7.Crazy Feeling feat. ELEPHANT MAN
 9.Just Another Day
10.Close Your Eyes
11.My Kinda Lady
12.The Mood Is Right
13.Slowly But Surely
14.Perfect Proposal
15.Enemies feat. SUPRIZ
16.Metal And Steel feat. DEMO DELGADO & SHOWKI RU
17.Saddest Day

2, 6, Produced by Steven "Lenky" Marsden
3, 4, 5, Produced by Von Wayne Charles & Joel Chin
7, 10 Produced by Donovan "Don" Bennett
8 Produced by Colin "Bulby" York & Lynford "Fatta" Marshall
9, 11, 14 Produced by Tony "C.D." kelly
12 Produced by Craig "Lef SIde" Parks & Mathew "Esco" Thompson
13 Produced by O.McNaught & O.Rennalls
15 Produced by Troyton Rami
16 Produced by Dwayne "Deenucka" Johnson
17 Produced by Donovan Germain


ウェイン・ワンダー 「フォーエヴァ」

 1.Foreva Intro
 3.Gonna Love You
 4.Original Share My Love
 5.For My Love feat. TRINA
 6.Between The Sheets
 7.I Still Believe
 8.Hotter Than Fire
 9.Exposed feat. SHOWKI-RU
10.The Way You Love Me
11.Take It Easy
12.Love And Affection
14.God Bless You Baby
16.Take It Off feat. MR.CHICKEN
17.Don't Give A Damn<Bonus Track for Japan>
18.I Need You In My Life<Bonus Track for Japan>

2 Produced by Christopher Birth
3, 18 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly
4 Produced by Supriz & Riddim Fingaz
5 Produced by Supriz
6 Produced by Steve Obas & Supriz
7 Produced by Donovan Bennett
8 Produced by Rohan "Jah Snowcone" Fuller
9 Produced by Supriz, G.Samuels, Patrick Howell & Riddim Fingaz
10 Produced by Steven "Lenky" Marsden
11 Produced by Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton
12 Produced by Wayne "DJ" Morris
13 Produced by Dread Lion(Mathew Trogner)
14 Produced by Gary G & Supriz
15 Produced by Dwayne "SUpa Dups" Chin-Quee
16 Produced by Colin "Bulby" York & Lynford "Fatta" Marshall
17 Produced by Delroy "Delly Ranx" Foster

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