WEEZER 「Weezer」

WEEZER 「Weezer」

 1.My Name Is Jonas
 2.No One Else
 3.The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
 4.Buddy Holly
 5.Undone-The Sweater Song
 6.Surf Wax America
 7.Say It Ain't So
 8.In The Garage
10.Only In Dreams

All Songs by Rivers Cuomo
1 by Cropper/Cuomo/Wilson
3, 6 by Cuomo/Wilson
Produced by Ric Ocasek

WEEZER 「Pinkerton」

WEEZER 「Pinkerton」

 1.Tired Of Sex
 3.No Other One
 4.Why Bother?
 5.Across The Sea
 6.The Good Life
 7.El Scorcho
 8.Pink Triangle
 9.Falling For You

Written by Rivers Cuomo
Produced by Weezer

WEEZER 「Weezer (a.k.a. The Green Album)」

WEEZER 「Weezer (a.k.a. Green Album)」

 1.Don't Let Go
 3.Hash Pipe
 4.Island In The Sun
 6.Knock Down Drag Out
 8.Simple Pages
 9.Glorious Day
10.O Girlfriend

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo
Produced by Ric Ocasek

WEEZER 「Maladroit」

WEEZER 「Maladroit」

 1.American Gigolo
 2.Dope Nose
 3.Keep Fishin'
 4.Take Control
 5.Death And Destruction
 7.Burndt Jamb
 8.Space Rock
10.Fall Together
12.Love Explosion
14.Island In The Sun

Produced by Weezer
Written by Rivers Cuomo

[Video Clips]
1.The Quiet Storm
2.Dope Nose(Live)
3.Death And Destruction(Live)
4.Burndt Jamb(Live)
5.The Cobo Challenge
6.Keep Fishin(Live)
7.Take Control(Live)

WEEZER 「Make Believe」

WEEZER 「Make Believe」

 1.Beverly Hills
 2.Perfect Situation
 3.This Is Such A Pity
 4.Hold Me
 6.We Are All On Drugs
 7.The Damage In Your Heart
 8.Pardon Me
 9.My Best Friend
10.The Other Way
11.Freak Me Out
12.Haunt You Every Day
13.Butterfly(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Island In The Sun(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Burndt Jamb(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo
Produced by Rick Rubin
Additional production by Chad Bamford and Weezer

WEEZER 「Weezer (a.k.a. The Red Album)」

WEEZER 「Weezer (a.k.a. The Red Album)」

 2.The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on A Shaker Hymn)
 3.Pork And Beans
 4.Heart Songs
 5.Everybody Get Dangerous
 7.Thought I Knew
 8.Cold Dark World
10.The Angel And The One

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo
7 written by Brian Bell
8 written by Rivers Cuomo and Scott Shriner
9 written by Patrick Wilson
Produced by Rick Rubin and Weezer
1, 3 Produced by Jacknife Lee
7, 8, 9 Produced by Weezer

WEEZER 「Raditude」

ウィーザ― 「ラディテュード」

<DISC 1>
 1.(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To(Rivers Cuomo and Butch Walker)
 2.I'm Your Daddy(Rivers Cuomo and Lukasz Gottwald)
 3.The Girl Got Hot(Rivers Cuomo and Butch Walker)
 4.Can't Stop Partying feat. LIL' WAYNE(Rivers Cuomo and Jermaine Dupri)
 5.Put Me Back Together(Rivers Cuomo)
 6.Trippin' Down The Freeway(Rivers Cuomo)
 7.Love Is The Answer(Rivers Cuomo and Jacknife Lee)
 8.Let It All Hang Out(Rivers Cuomo, Jermaine Dupri and Jacknife Lee)
 9.In The Mall(Patrick Wilson)
 10.I Don't Want To Let You Go(Rivers Cuomo)
 11.Turn Me Around (Rivers Cuomo)<International Bonus Track>
 12.I Woke Up In Love This Morning(L.Russell Brown and Irwin Levine)<Bonus Track for Japan>

 1.Get Me Some(Rivers Cuomo and Lukasz Gottwald)
 2.Run Over By A Truck(Rivers Cuomo)
 3.The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World(Rivers Cuomo)
 4.The Underdogs(Rivers Cuomo and Kazuhiro Hara

1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-8 Produced by Butch Walker
1-2 Produced by Dr. Luke
1-4 Produced by Polow Da Don
6, 9, 10, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 Produced by jacknife Lee

WEEZER 「Hurley」

WEEZER 「Hurley」

 1.Memories(Rivers Cuomo)
 2.Ruling Me(Rivers Cuomo, Dan Wilson)
 3.Trainwrecks" Rivers Cuomo, Desmond Child)
 4.Unspoken(Rivers Cuomo)
 5.Where's My Sex?(Rivers Cuomo, Greg Wells)
 6.Run Away(Rivers Cuomo, Ryan Adams)
 7.Hang On(Rivers Cuomo, Rick Nowels)
 8.Smart Girls" Rivers Cuomo, Tony Kanal, Jimmy Harry)
 9.Brave New World(Rivers Cuomo, Linda Perry)
10.Time Flies(Rivers Cuomo, Mac Davis)
11.All My Friends Are Insects(Adam Deibert)<Bonus Track>
12.Viva La Vida(Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin)<Bonus Track>
13.I Want to Be Something(Rivers Cuomo)<Bonus Track>
14.Represent(Rocked Out Mix)(Rivers Cuomo, Nowels)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Shawn Everett and Rivers Cuomo

RIVERS CUOMO 「Alone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo」

リヴァース・クオモ from ウィーザー 「アローン〜ウィーザー・アナザー・トラックス」

 2.The World We Love So Much
 4.The Bomb
 5.Buddy Holly
 7.Longtime Sunshine
 8.Blast Off!
 9.Who You Callin' Bitch?
10.Wanda(You're My Only Love)
11.Dude We're Finally Landing
13.Lover In The Snow
14.Crazy One
15.This Is The Way
16.Little Diane
17.I Wish You Had An Axe Guitar
18.I Was Made For You

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo
2 written by G.Alexander
3 written by Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson
4 written by O.Jackson/A.Wheaton
16 written by D.DiMucci

SCOTT & RIVERS 「Scott & Rivers」

Scott & Rivers 「スコットとリバース」

 1.BREAK FREE(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, David Hall Hodges, Steve Mcmorran)
 2.HOMELY GIRL(Rivers Cuomo, Shusui)
 3.FREAKIN' LOVE MY LIFE(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Kevib Rudolf, Jacob 'JKash' Hindlin, Jeff Halavacs)
 4.おかしいやつ(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Dan Wilson)
 5.朝は近い(Rivers Cuomo, Takuya Harada, JUNKOO, Kyoko Cuomo, Kanzo Takemori)
 6.終わりのないこの詩(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Billy Steinberg, Josh Alexander)
 7.遠く離れても(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Ben Moddy)
 8.I NEED SOMEBODY(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Shusui)
 9.はじける(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Allan Grigg, Sheppard Solomon)
10.ほどけていたんだ(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Claude Kelly)
12.君と二人で(Rivers Cuomo, Scott Murphy, Greg Wells, Adam Lambert)

1 Produced by Cameron Webb
2, 3 Produced by Shawn Everett
4, 5, 8, 11 Prouced by Shawn Everett, Daniel Brummel
6 Produced by Josh Alesander
7 Produced by Ben Moody, Shawn Everett, Daniel Brummel
9 Produced by Allan Grigg
10 Produced by Scott Murphy, Marc McClusky
12 Produced by Greg Wells



 1.Dope Nose
 2.Buddy Holly
 4.Hash Pipe
 5.Say It Ain't So
 6.Knockdown Dragout
 7.Across the Sea
 9.Glorious Day
10.Wheezin'(Orijinal Composition)

All Tracks Written by Rivers Cuomo
except 10 Written by Doug Munro

1, 3, 7 Arranged and Produced by Michael J. McEvoy
4, 6, 9, 10 Arranged and Produced by Doug Munro
2, 5, 8 Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Jason Smircich

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