1.The Ransom Of A Man's Life
 2.She Loves Me So
 3.Takes Time To Know
 4.World Of Confusion
 5.What Make The World Taste Good
 6.Jah Is life
 7.Definitely Hot
 8.Star Time - Fun Time feat. JUNIOR DELGADO
10.One Has To Be Real Strong

Produced & Arranged by Junior Delgado

YAMI BOLO 「In Big Bad Society」

ヤミ・ボロ 「イン・ビッグ・バッド・ソサエティ」

 1.La Isla Bonita
 2.Ghetto Youthman Hafi Mek It
 3.The Puppet Master Is At Play
 4.Garvey Meets His Majesty
 5.Jah Jah Give Me True Love
 6.Singing Up Life Street
 7.In Love With A Rastra Man
 8.Speak Softly Love
 9.Firm & Strong
10.Gun War - Glock War
11.Nature Boy
12.Dancehall Medley
13.I Don'y Know Why
14.In Big Bad Society(Acappella Mix)
15.In Big Bad Society(Version)
Produced by Yami Bolo
except 4 Produced by Sky High Productions

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ