2.Theme Of Astro Age Steel Orchestra(Yumiko Ohno/Y.Tomita)
 3.Flying Saucer At Big Country{Thd Flying Saucer Symphony}
  Medley of Another Day Another Sunset(Jerome Moross) 〜 Wagon Train(Jerome Moross)
 4.Muzak On The Move(Muzak Corporation-Jane Jarvis)
 5.Hold On To Your Man Part 1(AldwynRoberts)
 6.Living Message From Pan Yard #1(Y.Tomita)
 7.Free Sex At Pan Yard(Y.Tomita)
 8.Bikini Rock(Y.Tomita)
 9.Introducing The Band(Y.Tomita)
10.Hold On To Your Man Part 2(Aldwyn Roberts)
11.Mess/Age For Astro Nation
 Medley of Tour Of Jamaica(Slinger Francisco) 〜 I'll Be Around(Slinger Francisco)
12.Little Girl Lost-And-Found(Johnny Walsh/Ttandyn Almer)
13.Living Message From Pan Yard #2(Y.Tomita)
14.Love In Gas Music(Y.Tomita)
15.Hold On To Your Man Part 3(Aldwyn Roberts)
16.Theme Of Happy Living(Y.Tomita)
17.Flying Saucer - On The Road(Y.Tomita)

Produced by Yann Tomita

DOOPEES 「Doopee Time」

ドゥーピーズ 「ドゥーピータイム」

 1.What's The Time(Some Day, In Time)(Y.Tomita)
 2.Doopee Time(Y.Tomita)
 3.How Does It Feel(P.Vincent Jr./P.Spector/P.Andreory)
 4.Reprise(How Does It Feel)
 5.Chopin Opus 28 No.4 With Tone Cluster(F.F.Chopin)
 6.Chopin Opus 28 No.4 A La Jimi Style(F.F.Chopin)
 7.My Spinning Wheel(Music:Y.Tomita/Words:Suzi Kim)
 8.Love Songs(Love Is A Many Razor Bladed Thing)(Y.Tomita)
 9.Medical Service(Y.Tomita)
10.Dr.Domestic'S Physical Effect #1 - Piece For Turntables And Records(Y.Tomita)
11.Dr.Domestic'S Physical Effect #2 - Electronic Colored Tone And Strings(Y.Tomita)
12.Time And Space(Y.Tomita/Suzi Kim)
13.Air Vibes(Y.Tomita)
14.Air By Bus(Y.Tomita)
15.Auntie Kim Sings "Now That You'Ve Gone"(C.P.Sally/B.H.E.Ernest/N.Norman)
16.Astro Age Steel Orch. Plays "Look For A Star"(M.Anthony)
17.Now That You'Ve Gone(C.P.Sally/B.H.E.Ernest/N.Norman)
18.Through My Window(Y.Tomita)
19.Some Day, That Place In Time(Y.Tomita)
20.Caroline, No(B.Wilson/T.Asher)

Produced by Yann Tomita

DOOPEES 「Dooits!」

ドゥーピーズ 「ドゥーイッツ!」

 1.Doopee Time(アルバム・ヴァージョン)(Y.Tomita)
 3.Love In Gas Music #2(Y.Tomita/Y.T. & S.Kim)
 4.Introducing The Doopees Album "Doopee Time"
   P.Vincent Jr./P.Spector/P.Andreory)

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ