ZUMPANO 「Look What The Rookie Did」

ZUMPANO 「Look What The Rookie Did」

 1.The Party Rages On
 2.Oh That Atkinson Girl
 3.Rosecrans Boulevard
 4.Platinum Is Best Served Cold
 5.Evil Black Magic
 6.Temptation Summary
 7.I Dig You
 8.Wraparound Shades
 9.Snowflakes & Heartaches
11.(She's A) Full-Blooded Sicilian

All songs by Zumpano
except 3 by Jimmy Webb

Produced by Kevin Kane
except 5, 6, 9, 10 produced by Zumpano

ZUMPANO 「Goin' Through Changes」

ザンパノ 「ゴーイン・スルー・チェインジズ」

 1.Behind The Beehive
 2.Broca's Ways
 3.Throwing Stars
 4.Here's The Plan
 5.The Only Reason Under The Sun
 6.The Millionaire Poets
 7.Let's Fight
 8.It Doesn't Take A Genius
 9.The Sylvia Hotel
11.The Angel With The Good News
12.Some Sun
13.The New Country<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.The Moment Business<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.The Long And Winding Road<Bonus Track for Japan>
16.Orange Air<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs by Ledwidge, Niemann, Newman, Zumpano
Produced by Keith Cleversley
except 12 Produced by John Collins

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ